Realistic Expectation When Creating an App in NYC, New York

26 September, 2020

Realistic Expectation When Creating an App in NYC, New York

Twenty years earlier it was quite easy for a company to predict what the market wanted for the next couple of months and build a product according to these needs. Fast forward 20 years and the market has changed completely. Today, the market has become extremely dynamic, customer needs and wants change from time to time and companies have to accommodate these changing needs in order to grow and prosper and retain their customers.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that while creating an app in a fast-paced, consumer-oriented city like NYC, app developers have to be prepared for constant change, feedback, and a variety of other things.  Below mentioned are a few realistic expectations app developers should keep in mind when creating an app in NYC
  • Expect constant feedback: One of the main points that app developers should keep in mind while creating an app is that ‘feedback is inevitable’. Once the app is launched in the market and customers start using the app for various purposes, they are bound to have opinions on the functioning and features of the app. Therefore, the developer should monitor customer reviews, be open to both bad and good feedback, and build the app accordingly. This feedback will lead to overall betterment and increase customer satisfaction from time-time. 
  • Expect the development process to take a long period of time: An app cannot be developed overnight and therefore, before setting off on this journey to create an app for the market, the company should expect this process to take a long time. Developing an app takes planning, analysis, budget preparation, market research, and various other processes. Companies should keep in mind that, designing the app, testing the app, and rectifying errors might take longer than expected and should always have a ‘buffer time’ prepared. The final point to be noted here is that putting in more time into the development process increases the chance of the app prospering in the market in the future. 
  • Expect to learn throughout the process: The saying ‘learning never stops’ is extremely relevant while creating an app in NYC. App development companies should always keep in mind that no developer can prepare an app that satisfies all the needs of the customer in the first launch. Creating an app that fits in the market perfectly is a process and it takes quite a few tries before the app is successful within the market. Hence, learning new techniques from each step of the development process is crucial as this is what allows the developers to be one step closer to growing in the market. 
  • Expect the need for additional services: During the development process, companies may need to hire additional services or outsource certain functions to different companies. It is important that companies anticipate this need and be prepared and have additional costs to accommodate new staff and businesses as this will add to the technical skills of the company. Hiring additional services is a crucial part of the development process as this will ensure that the app is developed by highly skilled developers in a manner that meets all customer expectations and needs. 
  • Expect the market to change from time to time: As mentioned earlier, today’s market is extremely dynamic. Therefore, companies should understand this fact and keep in mind that customer lives are constantly changing. Developers should be able to add features to their apps according to these new trends in a cost-effective and efficient manner. While creating an app in NYC, companies should also be ready to accept the fact that the app development process is continuous and does not have a finish line as the market changes almost daily and new competitors enter the industry on a regular basis. Hence, in order to survive in such a market place, developers should adapt and build themselves according to the needs of the customer. 
  In conclusion, we can say that creating an app in today’s era is a tedious yet rewarding process, it takes patience, innovation, creativity, and most importantly the ability to understand the market effectively. Understanding what to expect is key and it is also extremely crucial that during this process, developers set realistic goals that they can achieve in the long term and be prepared both financially and technically to accommodate the changes in the market.

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