08 March, 2021


When the global pandemic hit the world like a sudden wave, a lot of industries faced the aftermath of this sudden outbreak. One of the main industries that lost its regular customers was the grocery and FMCG industry. Customers avoided going to its local grocery stores physically, keeping in mind the dangers associated with it. Due to this very reason, customers all over the world stepped into the world of online grocery shopping as it was a safer and more convenient way of purchasing day-day items. Goods are delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button and this grabbed customer interest and the online grocery app industry continued to grow at a pace that had never been seen before.   Therefore, even local groceries and shops that have physical stores identified this opportunity and scope of e-commerce apps and built grocery apps according to their target customer needs and wants in order to expand their market and to survive in this competitive marketplace. And so, we can understand that the scope for online grocery apps will continue to grow and prosper during the covid situation and it is the best way to profit in the market currently. 

Why choose grocery apps rather than a physical store: 

The above-mentioned question is something that most businesses and app designers think about before developing such an app for consumers. Look no further, these are a few reasons why grocery apps are the way to go:
  • The convenience and mobility provided by the app are much better than physical stores.
  • Online apps provide customers with more personalized services and options after analyzing their previous purchases, this, in turn, increases customer satisfaction. 
  • It provides customers with various advantages in terms of discount codes, sale offers, membership options, etc. 

Expanding the existing business during COVID: 

The scope of grocery apps online seems to grow as it allows existing businesses to expand themselves and their customer reach in the marketplace. App designers in New York and around the world can design the app in such a manner that it can establish itself in the market’s around the world and also enter different industries in the retail sector itself. This expansion will reap profits for the business and introduce the grocery to not only new customers but also new suppliers that provide services at more cost-efficient prices. 

Real-time feedback:

Most first-time grocery app businesses are conscious about their performance in the market, especially when the app is introduced during COVID when various competitors are coming up in the same industry. Therefore, online grocery apps have a feature that tracks app growth and performance on a real-time basis. Customers can provide detailed feedback of their experience with the app and the company can tweak their features and improve themselves accordingly. If the problems are fixed as and when the customers inform the company, it will eventually increase customer loyalty and the chances of people recommending the app to potential customers. 

Coordinate with multiple stores: 

Grocery app designers in New York and around the world can also coordinate with multiple stores in and around the world without any hassle when the customer places the order online. That is, if a certain product is not available in a particular store, the store managers can order it from another branch of theirs. Customers can also choose which of the branches of the store they would like to purchase from according to its delivery time, accessibility, and reach. The grocery business can coordinate all of the above-mentioned activities through one single app which also decreases overall functioning cost.  In conclusion, we can understand that the scope of grocery apps during COVID is wide and it provides retailers with a number of advantages. Online grocery shopping will become a norm even after COVID as customers wish to save time and be safe. And so, grocery apps will become a booming solution soon and every single store and the small local retailer will create an app that allows them to stay relevant in the marketplace. Therefore, if you are looking for an industry to enter, online grocery apps are foolproof and efficient. 

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