Security Measures, the App Developers in Pennsylvania should Know

29 September, 2020

Security Measures, the App Developers in Pennsylvania should Know

Security can never be considered as a feature for an app. It is a bare necessity, mainly because every user’s highly sensitive data is being handled by the apps. Moreover, availability of multiple payment gateways makes it essential for the app developers of Pennsylvania to build apps that have high-level security. Providing a secure app is the most efficient method to ensure customer retention. Customers tend to build a trust factor with an app that maintains confidentiality of their personal information and payment details, which in turn persuades them to build a strong relation with the business resulting in a strong client base for the company. Mentioned below are few security measures that the app developers in Pennsylvania should follow. 

A dedicated security team:  Building an app includes multiple stages and it is mandatory that the developer ensures security in each stage. This can be done by having a dedicated security team that will analyze each step, which includes planning, researching, building prototypes and other subsidiary stages and work in tandem with other executives. The opinions of the security team are also necessary to provide an exemplary app using experience to the users.

Secure Code:  In spite of taking recommendations from the security team, presence of bugs in the code can make the app vulnerable, allowing the hackers to easily have control over the app. Malicious codes can be easily tampered and duplicated, which allows the hackers to make multiple copies of the same app. This not only attacks but downloading such apps can also be a risky affair for the device. Providing various levels of security with high-grade authentications will make the code strong and reverse engineering impossible. Running multiple numbers of tests before deploying the app helps in fixing the bugs and making it error proof. Using an agile method of app development helps in fixing the breaches quickly, if any.

Data encryption: Encrypting every single unit of data that is exchanged over the app is the basic yet the most efficient way to ensure safety of the user’s information. As the key to open the encrypted data is only provided to authorized individuals, even if the data is stolen, there Is no way the hackers can misuse it.

Multiple numbers of tests: Testing the mobile app at each stage of development for aspects like security, technology, features and analytics helps the developer to make the app error proof. Timely testing also helps to fix the bugs that may have formed after the last test. A responsible mobile app developer of Pennsylvania should make sure that multiple tests are conducted to create a strong pp foundation.

Careful usage of third party libraries: Using third-party libraries is inevitable while mobile app development. However, the developer needs to be extra careful and test the code thoroughly before using it. The greatest drawback associated with third party libraries is that they are least secure. Some libraries even allow hackers to run malicious code in the app that can remain undiscovered for a long time. App developers should take care to use libraries that have proper usage rights and multiple level authentications. They should also exercise policy controls during acquisition to protect the app from these irregularities in the libraries.

Use high-level authentication: High level authentication has become a necessity these days for every app. A major chunk of app development revolves around building multi-level high end authentication that comprises passwords and other personal identifiers that restrict the access to the app only to authorized individuals. Multi-factor authentication that is a combination of passwords and OTP is believed to provide a premium level of security. Biometric authentications are also used by developers for apps that deal with extra sensitive data.  In addition to incorporating high-level authentication it is also the responsibility of the developer to encourage users to be sensitive towards the same. 

Security is a mandatory aspect that the app developers of Pennsylvania have to ensure in their apps that will in turn help them build their brand value and image in the industry. A fully secured app is the need of the hour and is sure to attract more and more users to download it.

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