Steps for App Developers in Maryland to App Development Cycle

27 October, 2020

Steps for App Developers in Maryland to App Development Cycle

The key to developing anything is patience, time and skill. This stands true in the case of app developers who are trying to develop a new and unique app for the extremely fast-paced, competitive online marketplace. Developing an app in a state like Maryland is quite the challenge due to the high customer demand and the already existing players in the market and therefore, it is crucial that app developers in Maryland take it one step at a time and follow the app development cycle.

According to previous research, the ‘Mobile App Development Lifecycle is similar to the conventional Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) from the perspective of a mobile device.’

And so, here are a few steps for app developers in Maryland to the app development cycle: 

  • Analyzing the idea and business research: The first and foremost step app developers in Maryland should take is analyzing the feasibility of the idea and conducting market research. During this process, the company should look into the profitability aspect of the idea and analyze whether this idea will be successful in the long term and whether the market requires this particular app currently. The company should also conduct market research to understand trends, wants, and needs of customers and also understand the existing and upcoming competition in the market, this will allow the company to be prepared for any bottlenecks. 

  • Requirements and technical support: Before going ahead with the implementation process the company should look into what exactly are the requirements and services needed to create and design the app and turn this idea into reality. The company should also have the appropriate and up-to-date technology, budget, the ability to support the app on various platforms (Android, Apple, etc.), and a team of skilled employees. This step is crucial because if the company falls short on any of the above-mentioned requirements, it might lead to multiple problems and losses during the implementation phase. 

  • Design and development: The third step is called design and development or simply implementing the idea and working on it. In this step, app developers have to design what the app will look like, the features, functions and the UI and UX. UX (User experience) will define the accessibility and usability of the app, this is implemented using Wireframes or so. UI (User interface) includes every aspect through which the user can use and interact with the app, the overall outlook, colors, etc. are decided in this phase. During development, app developers have to choose a programming language such as Python, Java, or C++ that fits the requirements of the app perfectly.

  • Testing and bug fixing: Prior to the launch of the app in the market, app developers and their companies must test their app without fail. This is a critical step because it is in this step that the company can analyze the working and functioning of the app and look into whether there is any other feature that can be added to enhance user experience. The app can be tested using a small sample of people from the target audience itself to understand what the customers think of the app. In this step, app developers can also fix any faults and bugs present in the app and make it full-proof for the final launch. 

  • Launch and monitoring: The final step in the mobile app development cycle is launching the app in the marketplace for the customer’s use. The app can be launched on a web server or directly on to the various platforms such as Playstore or Appstore. Once the app is launched and consumers start using it is when the app developers will understand whether the app is successful or not. After launching the app the company should constantly monitor the app's progress to keep track of any new requirements from consumers. 

In conclusion, we can understand the mobile app development cycle consists of multiple steps and functions which has to be given utmost importance in order to make an app successful and stand out amongst consumers. Even though the development stage seems like a lot of trial and error, the final product is what makes the entire process worth the wait. 

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