Steps to Create an App Like Rinse for Laundry Services
Steps to Create an App Like Rinse for Laundry Services in Florida

15 December, 2020

Steps to Create an App Like Rinse for Laundry Services in Florida

In a world where everyone is becoming more and more dependent on technology for their day to day lives, we have adopted a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle that makes it easier to carry on with our lives no matter how busy it gets. We can create an app for everything a human being may need to function in society today. This includes everything from food to transportation. 

On-demand laundry applications are one such app that is fast gaining popularity and for good reasons. Apps like Rinse have been creating some serious waves and have become immensely popular among users. Laundry businesses everywhere, including Florida, are trying to imitate the same to keep up with the changing trend.

So the question is, how can you create an app in Florida for laundry service that can keep up with the likes of Rinse and other competitors. There is no question of demand because, honestly, who has time to stand in line at the laundry center anymore. Below we explain the steps you can follow to create an app for your laundry service business.

Before creating an on-demand laundry service app, the first thing you need to understand is that it will consist of a customer app, a laundryman app, a delivery executive app, and finally, an admin panel. You need all three to work seamlessly with each other and independently to build a revenue-generating mobile app for your laundry business.

Features of Customer App

  • Easy Signup/Login: Ensure that your user has no trouble to sign up on your app. Give them the option to use their phone number or social media accounts for the login as they may be more convenient for them, and convenience always encourages the user.
  • Services Option: Give the users the option to pick the service they want. You can categorize the services based on the cloth material, provide options for the types of wash, or you can even add a comment section for special requests.
  • Scheduling Pick up & Delivery: Like any on-demand app, it is quintessential for the laundry service app to have a scheduling feature. The user must have the freedom to choose the most suitable time for him/her to have the clothes picked up or delivered.
  • Online Payment Option: Easy payment options are expected from your laundry service app, and you must deliver it without fail. Ensure that your app supports all major payment gateways and that they are secure for transactions.
  • Track Your Order/Delivery: Your customers need to be able to track his/her orders or delivery. This means that they should be able to track their order's status like ahs it been picked up, washed, etc. They should also be notified about the delivery details, including the contact number.
  • Order History & Review: Allow the user to have the ability to check their previous orders by creating an order history section and also provide an option for them to rate your service.

Feature of Laundryman App

  • Member Login Portal: Like the user's app, the laundrymen should also have a login portal from where they can receive orders and start their service.
  • Order Managing, Map & Address: Integrate the navigation panel so that the laundrymen can easily access the customers' location using their app to make deliveries or pick up orders. They should also have the ability to manage the orders and track their income directly in the app.
  • Employee Data & Dashboard: The employee needs to have their own profile section in the app to access the dashboard. The dashboard will give all the employee details, including past and upcoming orders/deliveries.

Features of Delivery Executive App

The delivery people at your business also have an app. Their app also needs basic functionalities and capabilities such as viewing the customer details and the laundry details. The app must be able to collect data about the customers and relay it to the delivery personnel.

The app should also be equipped with GPS functionality to navigate to the customers and so that the customer can track their order. Furthermore, it is also ideal for sending a notification from the app before a delivery is made.

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