Steps To Follow While Developing An App For Parking in Pennsylvania

18 March, 2022

Steps To Follow While Developing An App For Parking in Pennsylvania

Are you thinking of developing a parking app? First, you need to know the steps to follow for developing a parking app. Hence, we have created a short step-by-step guide to help you make your dream parking app.

Step 1: Define Your Objective

When developing an app, you should always begin by defining your goals. One thing you can do is specify the customers' issues that you wish to address. It will enable you to ensure that your parking app can serve your customers successfully. 

Decide whether your app will focus on parking assistance or parking management. This step also involves deciding what features you should consider for the parking app.

Step 2: Conduct Market Research

Market research is a big part of developing an app in Pennsylvania. One of the critical aspects of market research is finding out more about your competitors. It will help you get valuable insights into what features and functionalities you can include in your parking app. 

The market research also helps you learn how to pitch your app to your local customers and a broader audience. Furthermore, it enables you to distinguish your parking app from the other parking apps in the market. 

Step 3: Find The Ideal App Development Partner

Once you have a broad idea of what your parking app should be like, you need to ask yourself whether you can develop it yourself. In most situations, the answer would be no, unless you have a team of in-house app development experts.

Typically the app development is outsourced to a leading expert like NewAgeSMB. An app developer like NewAgeSMB can analyze your requirements and create an app that can serve all your customers' needs.

Step 4: Ensure All Your Technical Needs Are Met

The technical needs of your app depend on the purpose for which the app is created. Hence, before developing a parking app in Pennsylvania, you should first define the general concept and prioritize the features you want to implement on the app. Additionally, you should explain features like booking and payment via a functional specification document or user stories.

Step 5: Create An Attractive Design

Once you know all the features and tech specifications you want for your parking app, you can start designing. The design phase helps you comprehensively combine the features and concepts of your app. Try creating a roadmap for your idea. 

Doing so will help you form a connection between all screens inside the app and explain how the user can effortlessly navigate the app. Keep in mind that the app's design should be clean, convenient, and user-friendly.

Step 6: Consider The Technology Stack Required For Your App

In this step, you should consider the technology stack you want for your parking app. The technology stack you choose for your app will decide how scalable and stable your app can make. 

Consider whether your app will be cross-platform, hybrid, or native, as it can significantly affect the technology stack. Google Maps, Swift for iOS, and Kotlin for Android are popular technology stacks to consider.

Step 7: Develop, Test, And Launch The App

The development part of the app is often complicated, which involves setting up the front and back-ends, servers, databases, APIs, and more. However, an app development expert like NewAgeSMB can help you navigate through all of it.

After the developing phase is completed, you need to test the app and its performance. It also includes testing the app's look, feel, and user interface. Once you make sure that everything is in order, you can launch the app to the market.

Step 8: Maintain Your App

Just because you have launched the app to the market doesn't mean that your job is done. Your app requires regular maintenance to ensure that it does not lag behind the competition in terms of features and functionalities. Hence, you need to maintain your app and update it regularly.


Developing a parking app may not be easy. With the help of an app development expert like NewAgeSMB, you can navigate through the complex challenges of developing and launching a robust parking app that can succeed in the highly competitive market.

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