Steps You Should Follow While Building a Babysitting App in Florida

13 January, 2022

Steps You Should Follow While Building a Babysitting App in Florida

Are you thinking about building a babysitter app? 

If the answer is yes, you are probably wondering what steps you need to build a babysitter app that can succeed in the competitive market. This article will explain the steps you need to follow to make the babysitter app you have envisioned.

Step 1: Conduct a Comprehensive Market Research

Before you rush into building an app, you need to conduct comprehensive market research. An excellent place to start would be to analyze your competitors' business. Come up with a list of companies that offers the same services you want to provide in your babysitting business.

Some of the popular babysitting service providers you can check out are:

Familiarize yourself with the basic features of other babysitting apps to know the features you should include in your app. It is also necessary that you factor in the market demand for a babysitting app based on your location of operation. 

Step 2: Define Your Competitive Advantage

Although babysitting apps are in high demand, there is also a lot of competition. We have already discussed a few of the competitors above. Hence, you must establish a unique competitive advantage for your business.

Let's Take, for example. Their selling point is that they have the most extensive base of babysitters. When it comes to Helpr, they specialize their services to working parents and only use proven sitters. Similarly, your business should also have a selling point that you can use to market your app.

Some exclusive services you can offer to your customers include the following:

  • Specialized sitters
  • Bilingual sitters
  • Male/Female sitters
  • Grannies "for rent."
  • Babysitter who can teach the children.

Step 3: Get The Right Team For The Job

Getting the right team to build an app in Florida should be your next focus. You need to consider many things before picking a partner for building a babysitting app in Florida. Check whether they have experience developing a babysitter app or similar software solutions.

Talk to them about their mode of operations and the process they follow. Ensure that they are capable of delivering your expectations for the app. NewAgeSmb, for example, is one of the most reliable app developers in Florida that can help your dream app a reality.

However, you always have the option of developing the app in-house, provided that you have the necessary skill set.

Step 4: Decide The Features You Want In Your MVP

MVP or minimum viable product is the basic version of your app. Here, you must decide the features that your babysitter app can not do without. Hence, you must prioritize all the features you want for your babysitter app.

In other words, you can waitlist some of the features that you may not need. Furthermore, creating the MVP is often the cheapest way to build an app and remove it. Some of the MVP features you should include in the babysitter app are:

  • Social sign in
  • Chat option
  • Push Notification
  • Recommendations/Rating
  • Geolocation
  • Search and filters
  • In-app payments

Step 5: Add Advanced Features

Once you release your MVP, you have time to move on to the more advanced features for your babysitter app. The best way to improve your babysitter app is to take customer feedback. 

Try and understand your customers' pain points and come up with a solution for them. Don't spend your time and money on features that can not benefit your customers. Every feature should be purpose-built and achieve a specific goal. Some of the advanced features you should consider for the babysitter app includes the following:

  • Calendar of availability
  • Profiles for kids
  • Live streaming video
  • Multiple languages support
  • Additional services such as walking the dog
  • Reference verifications and certifications


You can not build a babysitter app without proper planning. The steps stated above can help you navigate through the building process of your app. However, the easiest way to build a successful babysitter app is to partner with a reliable mobile app developer like NewAgeSmb. With vast experience and expertise in the niche market, NewAgeSmb helps you create an app that can succeed in the highly competitive market.

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