The Process to Follow while Building an App for Live Streaming in NY

13 September, 2022

The Process to Follow while Building an App for Live Streaming in NY

Have you ever wondered how you can build a successful live streaming app? If yes, this shot guide can help you to get a comprehensive idea of the processes or steps involved in creating a live streaming app.

#1 Define Your Target Audience And Their Needs

Building a live streaming app begins by defining your target audience and their needs. Try to learn the needs and opinions of the target audience from your live streaming app. 

Consider conducting interviews with the target audience to help you identify challenges at an early stage.

Early feedback can help you learn the right strategy for building an app for live streaming and ensure it keeps up with the user's expectations.

#2 Pick a Monetization Strategy

The ultimate goal of developing a live streaming app is to monetize it and make a profit. There are three monetization methods you can implement for your live streaming app. 

Monetization Model Method Of Monetization
Paid App Charge the audience for downloading or using the app.
Freemium Allows the user to buy the app for free. But, it requires payment for accessing premium features.
Advertisements Runs ads while the user browses the app to generate advertising fees.

However, in most cases, the monetization model for a live streaming app is a mix of all three methods mentioned above. Take Twitch, for example. It uses different monetization models, including subscriptions, advertising, and some in-app purchases.

#3 Choose A Reliable Platform For Live Streaming, Hosting, And Storage

At this stage, you must decide which platform best suits your live streaming app. You don't just go and pick the cheapest service provider for your live streaming app. Doing so would only make building an app in New York even more challenging for you. A platform offering for performance is bound to sacrifice the quality of your live streaming services. 

#4 Build A User-Friendly UI/UX Design 

It takes more than just using advanced technology to ensure the success of your live streaming app. The UI/UX design is another vital aspect of building a live streaming app in New York. The user experience of your live streaming app plays a crucial role in making your app stand up.

Make sure the user can easily navigate through your live streaming app. Providing an intuitive app in the face makes it enjoyable and creates a lasting impression on the users. Try using modern and minimalistic designs to make your app more accessible and manageable.

#5 Create And Test The MVP

An MVP or minimum viable product is the best way to test how user-friendly and efficient your live streaming app is. Ask the name suggests; the MVP is a lighter version of the app you want to create. 

It only contains the essential features needed for the function of your live streaming app. However, it allows you or a test subject to interact with your live streaming app and provide valuable feedback to optimize your app. 

Make sure that you pay close attention to the following effects of your live streaming app development process.

  • Streaming Protocol: Use an RTMP or WebRTC Protocol for your live streaming app.
  • Streaming Platform: Use a platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS) for better video streaming.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Make sure to choose the ideal CDN for your specific live streaming needs.

#6 Release, Maintain And Improve

After testing the MVP, you are all ready to launch your live streaming app. However, your work is not over even after the launch of the app. At this stage, your live streaming app is ready to release in the market.

After the launch of the app, you need to continuously monitor, maintain, and improve your live streaming app. You can also use the customer feedback and reviews to enhance your life streaming app and ensure it is up to date.


The above steps provide a broad view of the development process of building a live streaming app. However, in reality, app development can be much more complex. Hence, you need the help of an expert like NewAgeSMB to navigate the complicated app development process and deliver a superior live streaming app.

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