Things App Designers in NJ should Consider for Mobile Wallet App Designs

31 March, 2021

Things App Designers in NJ should Consider for Mobile Wallet App Designs

A decade ago, if someone had said that we would eventually get rid of cash transactions entirely and permanently move to digital payment methods, we would probably have laughed it off. But, today, that is not too hard to believe. In fact, most of us are already convinced about the idea because, as a society, we are already halfway there. We have gone from using cash to plastic cards to mobile wallets within the blink of an eye.  Mobile wallet has changed the way we live, and that is by no means an overstatement. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, and it only makes sense that we can carry around our money in them as well. Mobile wallets are dominating the market in NJ, and the smart and entrepreneurs who can read the market trend are searching for the best mobile wallet app designers in NJ. This article discusses the mobile wallet apps and the aspect app designers should consider for creating an app that is both functionally superior and enjoyable to use.

Advanced Features You Should Consider in a Mobile Wallet App

  •  Push Notification: Push notification allows the user to be alerted about any transaction or updates immediately. This enables your user to keep themselves well-informed about their spendings as well as earnings.

  • Social Media Login/Signup: A social media signup/login feature allows your user to easily login/signup on your mobile wallet app without going through the lengthy process of form filling. However, this does not mean anyone with a social media account can transact through the app for security reasons.

  • QR Code Scanner: QR code scanner is a must feature for mobile wallet apps today because they are perhaps the most convenient way to ensure that your money is sent to/ received by the intended account/person.  

  • Expense Manager/Helper: You can implement an advanced expense manager feature that allows the user to track his/her expenses, make notes, set subscription payments, and more.

  • Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs, especially ones that provide cashback rewards, are among the most popular ways to attract customers. This is also a sure-shot way of ensuring new signups. All you have to do is provide assured cashback for referrals and new signups.

  • CRM System: Customer Relationship Management or CRM enables your business to better understand your customers and their needs. It also allows you to provide quality assistance to your customers and rectify any bottlenecks.

  • Advanced and Real-Time Analytics: The user can get a comprehensive idea of their transactions with an advanced and real-time analytics feature. This includes the time of the transaction, the state of the app, and even its performance.

  • Wearable Integration: Enable transactions through your mobile wallet app from different devices, including wearables like a smartwatch. This gives an even more superior flexibility to the users and takes their convenience to a whole new level. 

  • Personalized Identifier: Provide a unique and personalized number that can serve as a virtual card to make their payments for a more personalized experience for your customers.

  • eCommerce Integration: Although this comes a little later in development, it is best that you keep in mind creating an eCommerce integration for your mobile wallet can prove to be pivotal for your business. However, it is still best that you start working on it after your mobile wallet has gained some traction.

  • Bill Payment & Recharges: Your mobile wallet app should be equipped with the features that allow the user to make a bill payment and recharges. Such a feature can make life easier for the user, and It is also a good idea to reward these payments. 

  • Tools for Promotion: The mobile wallet app is a highly competitive niche in the current market, and hence it is necessary to give the users a reason to choose you. One of the effective ways to do this is through promotional offers and discounts.

  • Chatbot: The chatbot allows for an easy and convenient way for customers to contact your business, and it is a feature that you can’t afford to have implemented in your store.

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