Tips for App Companies in Florida to be HIPAA Compliant

18 December, 2020

Tips for App Companies in Florida to be HIPAA Compliant

‘Data privacy and protection is key’. This statement stands true especially in today’s era while developing an application for any industry.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is extremely crucial that the healthcare industry has to pay the utmost heed to protect relevant and important patient data. This is where the HIPAA law comes into play.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.” 

Therefore, while developing an application for the healthcare industry, App companies in Florida must comply with the HIPAA rules and regulations to work effectively in the market. 

Below are a few tips App Companies in Florida can follow to be HIPAA compliant: 

Understand which apps should comply with HIPAA rules

The first and foremost point App companies in Florida should understand is what are the applications that should comply with HIPAA rules. 

  • Entity: When the application is being used by hospitals, physicians, etc. it is necessary that they comply with these rules and regulations. Therefore if the application your company plans to design helps the patient to reach out to the doctor, you need to comply with the HIPAA rules as the patient and the doctor is an entity. The entities that have access to the private data and store this data for future purposes also have to comply with these laws. 
  • Data: If the data is stored on a third-party server or any sensitive data is stored in an application that can be accessed by individuals, it is important that the application complies with these rules due to privacy reasons. 

Security of the app

While developing an application for the healthcare industry, it goes without saying that the security and protection of the app are crucial to be HIPAA compliant. Therefore App developers in Florida should put in features such as ‘session timeout’ when the app detects inactivity for a long time. The company should also ask for re-authentication using OTP or by sending a confirmation email in order to make sure that no third-party has access to personal information. By adding such functions and features, the app can gain trust among its users and increase customer satisfaction as well. 

Storage and Backup of data 

Any application that stores patient information needs to look into the effective storage and backup of data in order to be a HIPAA compliant healthcare application development company. The company should make sure that data is encrypted when it is stored and transmitted to various patients, hospitals, and companies as this will reduce the chances of the data being leaked or used for unnecessary purposes. The protected health information (PHI) should also be backed up on a cloud so that the patient and the hospital/doctor can recover it in case of any sudden outbreaks. This backup will ensure that the patients have access to the data as and when required without any hassle. 

Risk management 

App companies in Florida need to understand that complying with HIPAA rules and regulations is a long-term process. This means that the company needs to be able to predict future risks and bottlenecks and create a long term strategy that will help the company work through these potential risks and problems. Managing potential risks will require the company to keep track of all activity that happens using the app and also monitor the app closely. The company also needs to make sure that the app provides a time-time analysis of the application so that the app can be improved and made more efficient. 

A lot of other things such as integrity, data transmission, etc. also ensures that the company is HIPAA compliant. Lastly, we can understand that being HIPAA compliant is a tiresome yet rewarding process. By following these rules and regulations and paying close attention to upcoming medical needs, trends, and requirements, app companies can grow and prosper in the medical field and keep up with the new digital healthcare transformation norm.

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