Top 5 Reasons To Opt For Native ReactJS Development

11 March, 2018

Top 5 Reasons To Opt For Native ReactJS Development


Top 5 Reasons to Opt for Native ReactJS Development

Top 5 Reasons

The first impression is the key to a successful. These days, it is safe to say that a single look at a company’s website or app often determines their success. As a result, Native ReactJS development has become very popular these days. Most businesses and individuals who want to create new websites and apps are turning to experts to bolster business. This is a smart move since this is the next big thing. Here are 5 top reasons why businesses need to opt for native ReactJS developers.


Setting Up

To being with, it is essential to understand what ReactJS is first. In simple words, it is ReactJS is nothing but a javascript library that can be used to create websites. When a developer starts working on a new project, a bundler like Webpack is selected. Next, the developer will think about which bundle module is most appropriate. Once a plan is charted out the real work begins to actually start working on it. In the case of app development, the best way to test it is to install Android Studio or Xcode on the computer. Then, the developer can run it using a simulator to check the performance of the app on multiple platforms.


One of the key features of a good website or app is navigation. Unless the users can work their way through the website it is not going to be a helpful tool to bolster business. Also, most mobile apps do not have a lot of space between two scenes, which makes the screen look cramped. The transition from one scene to another is vital to ensure a positive user experience visually. At the same time, what the user sees should not confuse them while the navigation needs to be intuitive. Therefore, skilled native reactJS developers are up for the challenge and can deliver websites and apps where navigation is intuitive and intuitive.


The most exciting feature that native reactjs development offers clients is the use of animation. It is not like animation was not used in designing. However, the days where the cumbersome process of using CSS to create animation was the norm is now long gone. The best part about using reactjs is that there are so many predefined options that can be selected from that helps increase the level of complexity of the animation without being complex. At the same time, it helps developers use less time and pay more attention to detail that helps the overall look and feel of the website or app.

Code for Specific Action

While developing an app for multiple platforms the same code will be used across platforms. However, at some point in time the task might seem overwhelming and the code can become messy. For instance, consistency of the look and feel of the app across platforms is essential. Such problems can be overcome by using conditional codes in the CSS or JS and the UI experience on Android and iOS are very different that developers need to keep in mind.

For an app to become a hit with the target audience, a lot of thought needs to be put into the purpose of the app as well as the UI experience. Native reactyjs development helps build great apps that users can use across platforms with ease.


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