Top Features for Car Parking App Development in New Jersey

19 April, 2022

Top Features for Car Parking App Development in New Jersey

It is becoming more challenging to find a good parking spot in the city every day. Most of us often park far away from where we are going because we can’t find a single parking spot. It is no wonder that car parking apps are fast gaining popularity all over the country, including in New Jersey. Here is a list of features you should consider for your car parking app.

GPS Tracking And Navigation

GPS Tracking and Navigation is a crucial feature for a car parking app. Car parking app development is incomplete without an advanced GPS tracking capability. It enables your car parking app to guide the user to the assigned locations or parking spots. 

GPS tracking and navigation make it easy and convenient for users to manage their parking routes. It also helps users choose a parking spot that is the shortest distance from their current location. GPS navigation ensures that the user does not lose their way or go to the wrong place.

Account Registration And Log In

Car parking app development in New Jersey must always include an account registration and login feature. Registration enables you to collect the customer’s primary information. The registration process starts as soon as the user downloads and install the car parking app.

You can collect essential information about the user, such as name, city, state, contact number, email address, etc. After registering, the user can log in to the app. You should also opt for login via third-party integration for your car parking app.


Estimated Time Of Arrival Or Expected Time

Another essential feature for car parking apps is the expected time or estimated arrival time. It shows the estimated time for the user to reach the assigned parking spot. The user can even see how long the car was parked in a designated parking spot.

App development in New Jersey must ensure that the user can access details such as arrival time and departure from the parking spot. It is a crucial feature because it lets users plan their daily commute or drive into the city without wasting time on parking problems.

Parking Spot Availability And Waiting List

The parking app must show the availability of the parking spots in the city. Suppose the user wants a specific parking spot in the city. In that case, the user should be able to check its availability at a particular date and time.

If the parking spot is already booked for that specific time and date, then the user can opt to add themselves to the waiting list. Hence, the car parking app should also show the waiting list position of the user when booking the parking spot.

Management/Control Panel

The user must have access to a management or control panel from which they can manage all their parking spot bookings and related operations. Some of the main functions of the app’s management panel include the following.

  • Handle bookings and cancellations.
  • Getting information on parking spot delays.
  • Information on waiting list parking spots.
You must ensure that the management panel interface is easy to use without any unnecessary complexities. 

Payment Gateway Integrations

The car parking app is incomplete without the in-app payment capability. Enure the parking app that accommodates payment options such as card payments, mobile wallets, cash payments, etc. The more flexible your payment option, the better it is for your car parking app.

AI-Based Location

AI-based location features are fast gaining popularity because of the superior results. One of the ways AI-based location features can help users is to identify the surrounding location and help users know where they are parked. The user can also use it to save their preferred parking spots so that they can easily book them in the future.


Car parking apps have a high scope of succeeding in the market today. It enables users to find and reserve a good parking spot even in hectic cities.

However, you need to incorporate advanced features in your car parking app to succeed in the market. A proper app development expert like NewAgeSMB can help you create the app of your vision and equip it with all features to succeed in the market.

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