Top Features to Consider While Developing an App for Courier Delivery in Florida

08 March, 2022

Top Features to Consider While Developing an App for Courier Delivery in Florida

Are you thinking about developing an app for your courier delivery service? If yes, the first step you need to take is to get an understanding of the top features required for a courier delivery app. Below we have listed some of the best and most desirable features for courier delivery apps that you should consider.

Admin Chat

The admin chat is an essential feature that allows the admin to chat with the users and the delivery people. It is an essential feature for improving the quality of service and enhancing customer satisfaction. More importantly, it helps your courier delivery company to maintain consistent communication with the delivery person and the customers.

Premium Delivery

Premium delivery is a feature that lets your customers access faster delivery. Typically, when you develop an app with the premium delivery feature, it requires the user to pay an extra price for the delivery than the normal ones. 

Multiple Packaging Option

Ensure that your customer has the freedom to choose from a diverse range of packaging options. It allows the customers to choose more secure and robust packaging for breakable items or additional security for confidential documents. Furthermore, you must ensure that the charges for each packaging type are mentioned in the courier delivery app.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the most desirable features you should consider when you develop an app in Florida for courier service. It is a common feature for the admin panel, driver app, and customer app.

It enables the customer to know the location of their package in real-time and hence plays a significant role in enhancing the customer experience. On the other hand, the same feature enables the admin to match the nearest driver available for the package delivery.

Push Notification 

Another key feature you should consider when you develop a courier delivery app in Florida is the push notification. It is a feature that allows the user to receive live updates of their package delivery. 

It ensures that the user does not miss important updates or notifications regarding their package delivery. The push notification feature can be used to send important updates such as 

  • The current state of delivery.
  • Estimated time of delivery.
  • Change in delivery route or delivery time.
  Furthermore, push notifications act as an engagement point for all the parties involved. For example, you can use the push notification feature to pitch new promotional offers to the customer. By doing so, it can effectively improve customer retention too.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Another critical aspect that can significantly affect the customer experience is flexible payment methods. Hence, courier companies must ensure that they integrate multiple payment gateways. For example, implement payment methods like top-up wallets, credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and even cash-on-delivery options.

Apart from the convenience of making payment through their desired channel, the customer also gets a digital receipt or bill. Hence, the customer doesn’t have to hold on to a piece of paper .to prove that they sent the package.

Ratings And Reviews

The ratings and review feature is essential for any on-demand app. It allows the user to ensure the quality of your service. Additionally, it will also help you find out issues/problems in your courier service and rectify them.

Offers And Rewards

Offers and rewards are one of the best ways to engage with your customers or target audience. It enables you to attract new customers and re-engage with the existing ones. As the offers and rewards are conveniently accessible by the mobile app, it becomes even easier to attract customers.

Customer Support

Customer support is another crucial feature you should consider for your courier delivery app. Your app can not succeed in the highly competitive market without a sound customer support system. A 24/7 help desk and chat support can help you enhance your customer support capabilities.


Developing an app for courier delivery is not an easy task. The essential features listed above give you a broad idea of what your courier app should be equipped with. However, you need the expertise of a reliable mobile app developer like NewAgeSMB to make your courier app idea a reality.

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