Top Reference Apps for Cannabis App Developers in Philadelphia

01 August, 2022

Top Reference Apps for Cannabis App Developers in Philadelphia

Are you thinking about creating a cannabis app? If yes, you need to check out these leading cannabis apps and refer them to find out how your app can better serve your customers. Below we list some of the best cannabis apps you can refer to for creating an ideal app for your business.

#1 Pot Bot

Pot Bot is one of the best medical cannabis apps on the market today. It helps people find out which strain is ideal for their physical or psychological condition and even helps them with the consumption method. 

The app suggests compatible edibles and strains based on the user's needs. You can also look up the cannabis strains and edibles most suitable for specific health conditions. Another attractive feature of the Pot Bot app is that it allows users to make payments via Google Pay. 

It is also worth noting that the app developers of Pot Bot made it possible for the end-users to secure legit medical recommendations from qualified personnel. 

#2 Leafly

Leafly is perhaps the world's largest resource for learning more about cannabis, and millions of people already use it. Essentially, Leafly is a marijuana finder app that allows its users to discover the right cannabis product themselves.

The app's age restriction stops anyone below 17 from accessing the products and services. One of the best features of the Leafly app is that the user can locate legitimate doctors, clinics, and dispensaries.

Furthermore, the user also gets delivery services and provides real-time updates and notifications on attractive deals.

#3 Eaze

Eaze is a popular medical cannabis delivery app. It connects verified users to independent, licensed cannabis dispensaries in the US. It is common for app developers in Philadelphia to use Eaze as a reference app for the cannabis delivery business.

Eaze also complies with all the state and federal laws for a cannabis business. One of the best features you can see on Eaze includes secure and online payment options, including Google Pay and eWallets. The app lets users learn more about cannabis edibles and the latest news.

Furthermore, the app allows users to track their orders in real-time and provides them with an accurate ETA.

#4 Weedmaps

Another popular cannabis app you can find in the market today is Weedmaps. The app provides a comprehensive guide to cannabis that even a rookie can easily understand. It allows the user to discover and explore the world of cannabis and the benefits it has to offer.

Eaze is an app loved by cannabis app developers in Philadelphia because of its ability to find nearby cannabis dispensaries, excellent delivery service, and attractive deals. The app lets users quickly find CBD stores and even browse their menus on their phones.

#5 Vana/Muncheez

Muncheez is an excellent cannabis app for patients who are seeking to buy medical marijuana as it provides access to numerous marijuana dispensaries. Signing up on the app allows the user to access these dispensaries and get attractive offers.

Furthermore, all the dispensaries listed in the app are legit and licensed. The same applies to all the app's brands and even their deliveries. Besides providing fast and easy medical marijuana delivery services, it also provides a platform for users to educate themselves on the many benefits of marijuana.

In addition to this, the app also allows the user to rate and review dispensaries. The user also has the option to view and explore the dispensary menu before making a purchase.

#6 Duby

Many consider Duby an ideal cannabis app by many because of the wide range of products and services. It provides user access to local weed shops and builds brand awareness among its customers. 

Duby's cannabis app can search for cannabis dispensaries or products nearby. The app also allows the user to explore different cannabis products and educate themselves on marijuana strains and their properties. 


Building a cannabis app is easier when you learn the best practices followed by the leading cannabis apps. However, merely learning these features is not enough. To implement these advanced features without compromising on the state and federal compliances, you need an app developer with proven expertise like NewAgeSMB.

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