Uber-Like App Development for Truck Companies in NYC

16 October, 2020

Uber-Like App Development for Truck Companies in NYC

On-demand apps are all the hype today and rightfully so, with so many uber-like apps fast gaining popularity in the market. In a short period of time, on-demand apps have spread across all spectrums, from food delivery to entertainment. App development NYC has also kept up with this trend, and they have discovered by applying this business model to the logistics business to create an Uber-like app for trucking. 

The scope of such an app is undeniable because trucking is a common service that a vast majority of the US population employs from time to time. Like Uber, providing on-demand transportation services enables you to significantly bring down the number of empty miles, which effectively boosts your profit. Most importantly, the profit from such service extends to both the shipper and the driver. 

Therefore it is no surprise that app development NYC has taken a keen interest in on-demand apps aimed for trucking. In this article, we are going to discuss an Uber-like app development NYC for rucking. We will go through the essential features that you need to include in an Uber-like app built for trucking. Basically, an Uber-like app for trucking consists of three parts, one for the driver, one for the shipper, and finally, an admin panel/dashboard which is web based. The following are the essential features that you must include in the three main parts of an Uber-like app for trucking.

1. Driver's App

This feature is pretty basic as far as an on-demand app is concerned. The primary purpose of the driver's app is to enable the driver to see new shipping orders. It must also provide the driver with information such as size, weight, and shipment description. The driver can access this information and choose to accept or decline it. Furthermore, the app should include a map that can tell the driver the pickup, drop off locations, receive payments, and keep track of all the transactions.

Apart from the features mentioned above, you also need to implement capabilities on the app for driver registration and provide vehicle information. Enable a current order list with the added capacity to filter and search for orders to make the driver's decision easier. Ensure that the map is GPS-based and also shows the driver all the fuel stations and motels along the way. Finally, ensure that the app comes with real-time notifications about new jobs/orders and payments along with digital documentation.

2. Shipper's App

As much as it is essential to keep the driver's app well-equipped with features that ensure smooth processing of the orders, it is also important to reassure the shipper that his/her order is safe and sound throughout its journey until it reaches the destination safely. The shipper must be able to place an order and provide the relevant information for placing the order. The shipper must also view the shipping rates, compare them, and select one that is best suited for them. 

It goes without saying that the app must also let the user track his shipment and make payments on it. Ideally, it must also have push notification capability. Similar to the driver's app, this must also allow for shipper registration, online documentation, and a payment gateway for placing the order. Furthermore, allow real-time tracking of the shipment, and the order placement should accommodate sections for providing all cargo details and perhaps a delivery confirmation through photos as well.

3. Admin Dashboard/Panel

The web-based admin panel must be able to manage interactions between the driver and the shipper. It also needs to enable the managers to monitor the deliveries, payments transactions, and delivery charges. Other features that should be included on it are two-factor authentication for security, and the dashboard must show the upcoming, current, and completed orders. 

Make sure to include a section for carrier queries consisting of data of new drivers wanting to register on the platform. Add a feature to approve invoices generated by drivers and shippers. Finally, ensure a trip log report for every order accessible through the admin panel capable of recording the trip duration, miles covered, and orders fulfilled.

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