VoIP Push Notification – Why you Need it?

27 March, 2018

VoIP Push Notification – Why you Need it?

  Push notifications are a feature in last versions of iOS, the operating system that runs on iPhone, ipod and iPad. Push notification is a message or an alert that is sent to the Smartphone user from one of the applications that is running in the background of a Smartphone.

Multitasking i.e. running an app in the background uses up a lot of processor power, drains the Smartphone batter and uses up memory space especially when there is steady traffic to and from a network.

A very good example of this is VoIP apps. VoIP apps allow the users to make and receive calls and are very cheap compared to the normal calling rates. Making call through VoIP has now become popular and has in fact become an alternative to the respective mobile cellular services thus cutting down communication costs drastically. Skype can be a very good example of a VoIP and Apple iOS has its own version too.

In order to use a VoIP app it needs to constantly run in the background, continually listening to new events on network, such as incoming calls and text messages. If the VoIP app goes idle, communication will fail and incoming calls will be declined. Thus for a VoIP app it is necessary that it constantly runs in the background like a real phone. And everyone is aware that if an app constantly runs in the background it will surely consume a lot of resources and constantly will drain the battery. This is where Apple push notification comes into play.

Push notification mechanism transfers the constant listening job to the server side. The real advantage is that the Smartphone app runs only a bare minimum segment of the code in order to keep it ‘alive’ ready to spring up on call. This eliminates the need to continuously listen to the network.

Most often the app is squarely closed. When a message enters or if there is an incoming call, the server (of the VoIP service behind the app), which hitherto has been doing the listening, sends a notification message to the phone, which communicates it to the user. The action of the latter in reply to the message will then ultimately open the app and handle the task.

The advantages of Push Notifications

There are a number of reasons to make use of push notifications in your app and they have a variety of advantages in terms of engaging with consumers and driving traffic. In fact the right way to utilize them is the way that keeps customers connected and not annoyed. We will look into five advantages of push notifications, how best to use them and what they can do for your app.

Push notifications are useful in informing users on latest info related to the app. It provides helpful and significant updates to customers, even though the app is closed. Example of this can be a message or Facebook post, a new feature in game or news article update.

There are different types of Push Notifications; an alert, badge, banner and sounds. A user can control these notifications in mobile settings; he or she can decide how they receive push notifications. Alerts pop up on the screen and it requires the user to accept or dismiss it; badges are in the form of tiny red circles along with numbers that appear in the upper-right hand corner of an app’s icon, displaying the number of pending notifications. Banners appear on the screen for a few seconds and gradually disappear. Sounds comprises of custom or system-provided sounds that accompany notification styles.

  • User Control
Through the settings on the mobile and notification centers, users can now customize how and what they see in terms of notifications, greatly lessening the chance of your updates annoying the customers. Certain apps that are popular allow users to personalize their notifications. You can be the master and the app lets you choose from numerous different points during a game whether they want to receive alerts as well as point to a quiet time where the users do not want to receive any notifications.
  • Engaging Users
Most of the apps have an extensive customer base of users that are inactive, they went ahead and downloaded it but do not make use of it. They are rarely used and most often forgotten, they get lost in the host of other apps on user’s mobiles. Developers can use Push notifications to offer up-dated relevant information to users. They promote engagement, spark recognition and increase involvement.
  • Provides insight into Customer Behavior
One of the most important advantages of push notifications is that they offer important information on user behavior by tracking messages and the times of interaction, platforms, devices and situations which produce the most engagement thus revealing important information about the kind of ways users use the app.
  • Ease of Use
Push notification are less messy than emails speaking in terms of ease of use and customer interface. You can easily manage them according to your convenience. They are user friendly, effective and simple. Push notifications provide important information through uncomplicated messages. From the developer’s point of view they are a lot simpler to produce and more cheap than SMS. They give you valuable customer information that is highly specific making it easy to convert into influential marketing strategies.
  • An alternative channel of communication
Push notifications are a wonderful medium for social marketing agencies and is a powerful tool. Through push notifications you can alert the customers on last minute deals, special offers and coupons. Developers can communicate extra, important information to the customers as additional messages form a complementary marketing channel. The provided information could be customized particularly for push notifications, ensuring their importance and relevance thus improving their performance to users.

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