Why should App Companies in Florida do Mobile Optimization?

29 October, 2020

Why should App Companies in Florida do Mobile Optimization?

The only solution to ensure that it can help online businesses deliver the same performance and stay relevant to its users is through mobile optimization. For an online business to be successful, it must be optimized to be accessed through mobile phones. The majority of the traffic to an online business is via mobile phones. Hence app companies must give prominence to carry out mobile optimization. We practically live on smartphones now, every day, and every hour of our lives involves interacting with one kind of mobile app or the other. And the choice of apps that you can choose from is growing every day so finding an alternative for your app is merely a few clicks away for the user. In this highly competitive landscape, there is no room for error if you want to survive. If app companies don't keep their apps updated to suit the users' needs regularly, they risk becoming obsolete. There is no better way to access online stores and services on your mobile phones than through apps. So what exactly does an online business stand to gain through mobile optimization? This article answers precisely that. We discuss how mobile optimization can positively affect online business and the aspects that app companies should consider for it.
  • User Experience: The user experience on a mobile-optimized platform is far superior to a regular website that is primarily built for desktops. Mobile phones are much more easily accessible by your target audience than desktops. They also provide the user with the added advantage of accessing the service on the go. Furthermore, it provides you with superior and easy to use functionalities, which is quintessential in establishing a positive user experience. Once mobile-optimized businesses make it easier to find and buy products from your online store, inevitably pushing more people through the conversion funnel. 
  • Higher Traffic: Mobile optimization means that your online business is easily and readily accessible through mobile devices. We have already established that today, most of the online traffic is generated via smartphones. This alone implies that your website can receive considerably higher traffic to your online business. Apart from this, it would be best if you also considered that the average user's tendency to submit to impulsive shopping is also a contributing factor to the higher traffic through the mobile medium.
  • Lower Bounce Rate: A high bounce rate is the nightmare of every business that runs online. It is well known that if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, the user is more than likely to navigate away from the page or abandon shopping, and this alone could make up for 90% of the bounce rate. A mobile-optimized store can give you the upper hand here by optimizing the load time and enabling the user to access your product/service with virtually no delay. Once mobile-optimized, all the content, including multimedia, can be loaded in a matter of seconds and streamline the purchase journey.
  • Multitask Capability: It is no secret that the average mobile user is continuously multitasking. In fact, the very idea of impulsive buying implies that the user will have to shift from one app to the other to make a purchase. A regular online store can not handle this kind of requirement as it may lead to slow loading and eventually abandonment. This is where mobile optimization saves the day and enables the user to shop for products/services whenever they want.
  • SEO Advantages: Mobile optimized devices are built to handle advanced SEO capabilities and positively affect Google rankings. Many factors come into play when you SEO optimize your store. This includes things that may look seemingly insignificant, like the font size, page loading time, the layout of the store, content relevance, and even touch navigation. 
Only when all of these contributing factors work well with each other can your online store make it to the top SERPs. By employing the right tools, and functionalities you are able to tweak and adjust the mobile-friendliness of your store and, in effect, create a store that not only ranks high but delivers a memorable user experience as well.

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