Why Should You Create a Drizzly like App for Your Alcohol Business?

16 June, 2021

Why Should You Create a Drizzly like App for Your Alcohol Business?

Today, we live in a time where digital platforms can now meet all our consumer needs without us having to go to the store physically. Soon it became increasingly evident that businesses of all kinds, regardless of what product or service they sell. Many alcohol businesses quickly realized the potential of moving their business online and making liquor delivery directly to the customers. Selling alcoholic beverages online creates an entirely new stream of income for your alcohol business. Drizzly is one of the leaders among online alcohol businesses. They have successfully created an ecosystem for their alcohol business that works flawlessly. They were able to create an app for liquor delivery that made it easy and convenient for their customers to buy alcoholic beverages. In this article, we discuss how you can create a Drizzly-like app for your alcohol business. Below we discuss what Drizzly does and list out the ideal features that should be included in a Drizzly-like liquor delivery app.

What is Drizzly, And How Does it Work?

Drizzly is an on-demand liquor delivery app that enables its users to shop from their local liquor stores. Furthermore, Drizzly makes their business even more accessible by having a dedicated website for their business. As a result, they have successfully created an eCommerce platform for selling various beer, wine, and spirits directly from local retailers and made it accessible through multiple devices. This means the user gets access to an online retailing store for alcoholic beverages within a particular geographic region. What makes on-demand liquor delivery apps like Drizzly different from other eCommerce businesses is that they sell in small, often constrained geographical areas. eCommerce is often associated with selling products over a vast region like Amazon. However, it is impractical to consider such a business model for perishable products like food and beverages. Even though alcoholic beverages are not considered perishable, alcoholic beverages like beer are temperature sensitive and time-sensitive. 

Important Features to Include in On-Demand Liquor Delivery App

Doorstep delivery

Doorstep delivery is the number one need for an on-demand liquor delivery app. After all, convenience is the cornerstone of every successful online business. People prefer to avoid the unnecessary hassle of going to the store, waiting in line, and driving back home.  Drizzly understood this perfectly and ensured that their deliveries are made to the customer’s doorstep. This ultimately leads to more business and revenue, especially if you already have a running alcohol business, as it generates a whole new revenue stream for your business.

Optimized Operations

The world now turns to eCommerce to meet all their needs, let it be products or services. The mainstream market is occupied and dominated by eCommerce giants like Amazon. However, that does not mean that small businesses can be any less successful because the giants like Amazon have paved the way for smaller businesses.  Furthermore, introducing an eCommerce alternative for your already established business creates a whole new stream of revenue for your business. By creating an app to buy from your alcohol business, you are reaching out to audiences who may have been out of your reach with a brick-and-mortar store. 

Offers Convenience 

By the end of the day, taking your business online is all about convenience. The more convenient it is for the customers to access your business and get the products that they need, the easier it will be to generate revenue from your on-demand liquor app. Unparalleled customer service plays a pivotal role in achieving this. Furthermore, you should also consider minute details like gift-wrapping for purchases and attractive loyalty programs that can entice the customers.

Other Aspects You Need to Consider For an On-Demand Liquor Delivery Business

Above we have listed the salient features of an on-demand alcohol business, but that’s not all you should focus on if you want to succeed. The delivery app or website used by the customer should be prioritized. You must then customize and personalize the app and its interface to connect better with the customer. Additional features like data analysis, push notification, chatbox, and real-time order tracking can do wonders for your business.

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