Why should you Develop a Blockchain Mobile App?

08 May, 2018

Why should you Develop a Blockchain Mobile App?

The tech world is abuzz with everyone wanting to know more and more about Blockchain. Well, at this rate Blockchain is the way forward particularly in the world of startups. Bitcoin is one of the most successful applications that has used blockchain to the fullest extent and has set in motion the trend of decentralized apps or Dapps. However, not everyone has the expertise on how to build a Blockchain app but a Blockchain development company can help businesses get a piece of this pie and set themselves apart from the pack.

Even though Blockchain’s popularity has skyrocketed but not many people know enough about this tech to make the most of it. This post will give you the low down on everything that you need to know about these apps.

What is Blockchain?

The first question that is bound to cross your mind is what Blockchain is all about. To begin with, the Blockchain, as the name suggests, refers to a basic structure of blocks that are continuously added to increase a list of records. Each block is linked to the other with a unique timestamp and transaction data that is resistant to manipulation of data of any type. For this reason, it can record the transaction between two parties in an efficient manner and it is permanent. At a time when hacking or damage caused by malware has become commonplace, Blockchain app development is the way forward to curb any data breaches. Some of the advantages extended by Blockchain have been discussed below.


Blockchain app development has earned a name for itself as a technology that takes security seriously. It is because this technology is based on advanced cryptography that is created with security concerns in mind and even the highest level of encryption is a default option. The signature cryptographic hash cannot be altered by manipulating a single block and makes it near to impossible to attack the chain or take over. Any attempt to modify any chain raises an alarm and the modification is highlighted at the same time a trace of the hacker is left behind. As a result, a trusted mobile app development company can help create a secure app using this technology.

Simple Platform

In order to build a Blockchain app is not rocket science but hiring a Blockchain development company can help businesses build an app. As far as the complexity goes, this tech when compared to other platforms uses a simple platform. The advantage of keeping it simple is that with times more blocks are added but it doesn’t unnecessarily complicate things. Additionally, it also leaves very little or no room for the platform to have vulnerabilities that any hacker can take advantage of that makes it more secure.


The way Blockchain is constructed it is tamper proof and reliable since it is meant to be secure and stable. A blockchain development company can help businesses build a blockchain app that is reliable that their customers will be comfortable to use without worrying about security. To add to that, the structure of the app ensures that no sudden breakdown can take place that could lead to a collapse that can be quite embarrassing. Also, the hardware used boots the reliability factor up a few notches since it relies on multiple data centers spread across various locations. Therefore, this technology is the perfect option for an application that is data heavy.

Perpetual Development

Cryptocurrencies like LiteCoin and Bitcoin have been able to captivate the imagination of most people, which has bolstered Blockchain app development efforts. So, it is safe to assume that this technology is here to stay and investing in a trusted mobile app development company that can build a Blockchain app is the smart thing to do at the moment. This technology is just making its presence felt while rapid developments are being made on the development front that offers exciting possibilities to businesses and users alike.

Businesses should plan and strategically stay ahead of the competition by hiring a Blockchain development company to build a Blockchain app making them a smart early adopter. Since Blockchain app development is the way forward, it’s better to jump on the bandwagon now rather than later.

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