Will COVID-19 Elevate E Commerce App Development in New Jersey?
Will COVID-19 Elevate E Commerce App Development in New Jersey?

04 August, 2020

Will COVID-19 Elevate E Commerce App Development in New Jersey?

Can an app development team in NJ help an ECommerce Business? The worldwide spread of COVID and the disease being declared as a pandemic has impacted the lives of people in every stratum. Uncertainty regarding its spread and the ever-increasing number of patients combined with contradictory information being spread by various sources, has left no other option other than to panic. Even though various countries have relaxed the lockdown rules, people are restraining themselves from going to shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, bars or other public places. Most of the offices are still continuing with the work from home option as well. However, the fact is that people have started getting fed up with being restricted to their homes and only doing office jobs because there is no way of breaking the monotony or getting some entertainment. Experts say that the situation has led to panic levels increasing unprecedentedly and its impact is so much so that people are responding to it in different ways. While some people are making use of this time to indulge in hobbies that they had always wanted to do, some opt to keep them engaged by shopping online. Statistics show that the online purchases in all 7major sites are all time high, which indicates that people are shopping ‘crazy’.

In the wake of these estimates, experts say that e-commerce app development across certain industries have already reached a position where it could be in 4-6 years under normal circumstances. App development in NJ has also been impacted in a positive way with more enterprises hiring app developers to create exclusive mobile apps for the businesses. Having been stuck in a situation wherein people just have virtual connection with the outside world including family and friends, many of them have started showing a drastic change in their shopping pattern with indulging in bulk purchases and even searching for the online availability of almost every odd product. While Buy-online-pick-up -at store was a not so popular practice before the pandemic struck, now it has become the new normal with people ordering even the basic everyday essentials to bigger things online. This has in turn triggered many businesses to start e-commerce apps, an attempt to cash on this buying trend being adopted by customers worldwide. 

Two basic scenarios that have led to the rise of e-commerce apps and impacting app development in NJ positively despite the pandemic, is crowd mentality and online purchasing being a safer option than going to a store in person. The crowd mentality is to stock up on necessary things, which even increases seeing other people doing the same. This eventually leads to scarcity of even necessary goods, which in turn validates the decision to stock up. People do not want their households to struggle for everyday items. This is also where a lot of psychological factors come into action, the most important one being autonomy where people want to feel that they have control over the situation by stocking up things.

Even though there is no solid evidence that proves the life of the Corona Virus on surfaces, experts say that it may vary from three hours to up to three days, depending on the material. However, it is estimated that it is unlikely for the virus to survive on the items from the time they were packed to the time the package is delivered considering the tough packing environment. Even WHO has stated the same. As people have adopted social distancing as a way to fight the spread of the pandemic, it is natural for them to turn to ecommerce to purchase the items rather than going to the store to buy the same.

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