Carwash is a native iOS and Android application that connects users and car cleaning professionals. When we were briefed by the client regarding their requirements, we could instantly figure out that their sole aim was to introduce and popularise a car cleaning service that would help the car owners to avail cleaning services as and when required. The company zeroed in on developing such an application considering the increasing demand of car cleaning services. Carwash is a convenient way to get the car clean and ready for the road.


Creating an application that would address every concern of a customer along with incorporating the essential features that would make it unique, thereby generating revenue for the company is a painstaking task. Here are few challenges that we faced

  • We had to find a solution for cross platform integration, which meant that the application should be functioning undisrupted even if the customer and the service provider use different OS.
  • Locate and manage nearby car cleaners as and when a customer raises an enquiry.
  • With space-constrained smart phones where showing a single request was already a challenge, displaying more than one request was even more difficult.
  • Model View View Control architecture (MVVCA), that enhances View Control paradigm that has a uniformity for all the logics applied in the code points.
A customer can track the location of the car cleaner on a real time basis and keep a track on the time he/she is taking in order to complete the process.
A photograph of the car before and after wash and service is uploaded in the application for the customer to review the work.
The customer can also choose add-on services such as polishing and waxing. He/she gets an estimated cost for each service and can also make the payment to complete the booking.
Availability of car cleaners can be tracked.
Car cleaning service providers can be rated according to the quality of their work.
Cashless payments and tipping for the car cleaners so that they can increase their earnings and quality of work.
The car cleaning service provider can do real time tracking of the customer and therefore immediately get the location of the user requesting the service.
The car cleaners nearest to the customer get push notifications so that anyone can accept the ride according to the availability.
Cashless in app payments are possible making it easy for the customer to pay even if he/she doesn’t readily have cash. This in turn helps the service provider to get paid for each car wash.
Stay up to date through messages about everything from upcoming events and earning opportunities to information about the account and new features.
Admin Control Panel- Records the request history, customer and car cleaning service provider management and also monitors customer complaints and feedbacks.

Technology Stack


  • Programming Language Kotlin
  • Toolkit Android Studio
    Android Developers Tools
  • SDK Android SDK
  • Android Services Notification Services
    Accessibility Service


  • Programming Language Swift
  • Toolkit XCode
  • SDK ios 12
  • ios Services Accessibility Service
    Notification Services

Admin Dashboard

  • Back end Node js
  • Database Mysql
  • Admin panel CodeIgniter


The application, Carwash that works on both android and iOS was able to set a trend in the car cleaning arena. The customers could book appoints with good quality car cleaners and get customised services as well according to their availability, therefore making their cars looks brand new after each long drive.




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