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Hybrid iOS, Android and Web Application for Restaurant Management and Food Ordering

The Internet era marks the convergence of the computer and communications industries and their associated services and products. Our client suggested an innovative idea for developing product based application for restaurant management and food ordering. Each application will be specific to a restaurant. When a new restaurant is added, the super admin adds a new restaurant and inserts required details. Each app for restaurant will be submitted separately to respective apple and google play store. This application will allow customers to place orders, select time for pick up and can pay for menu items. Within the same app, restaurant owners can log in and create a new layout detailing each customer order with detailed information.


The objective of this project is to create a product based application for restaurant management and Food ordering in hybrid technology. This application allow customers to select pick up time, place orders and pay for menu items. The restaurant owners have option to login and to customize the layout detailing customer orders and informations.


​ ​To overcome the restaurant customization issue, a CSS preprocessor Less is used which made CSS more maintainable, themable and extendable. The application of facebook tabissue was rectified by using iframe technology, which allow customers to to view menuitems and place orders.

  • Customization of application based on Restaurants.
  • Facebook Page Tab based application.
  • Place Order
  • Add items to order
  • Add to Favourites
  • Make Payment
  • Confirm Pick Up time
  • Share menu to Social medias
  • Order Management
  • View Order
  • Refund for order
  • Order delivery
  • Menu Item Management
  • Add item
  • Edit Item
  • Unpublish item
  • Delete item
  • Menu Category Management
  • Add category
  • Edit category
  • Delete category
  • Restaurant Management
  • Add restaurant
  • Manage payment Structure
  • Edit restaurant details
  • Block restaurant
  • Delete restaurant
  • Customer Management
  • Search customers
  • View information
  • Block customer
  • Delete customer
  • Angular JS
  • Node JS
  • Apache ANT Server
  • MySQL
  • HTML 5
  • Less
  • iframe
  • PHP-Codeigniter

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