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Hybrid​ ​iOS​ ​and​ ​Android​ ​app​ ​with​ ​website​ ​interface​ ​for​ ​connecting​ ​shippers with​ ​carriers

The advancement of online mobile applications has made it easy for the users to receive many services at their door steps. This helps in making their life much easier. Our client came up with a unique idea of developing an application that connects shippers with carriers. This in turn reduces the shipper’s effort of finding a suitable carrier to carry his shipment.The carrier is also benefited, as he is open to a more wide range of shippers, which means more business. An individual carrier or a company registered for carriers along with the shippers can function through this App.


The aim of the app is to connect 4 user types : Shippers(Users) , Independent drivers(carriers) , Carrier Companies (Dispatchers) , Carrier Company drivers(Dispatch drivers). The client wanted an innovative design and easy to use interface. He also needed real time tracking of the shipment.


​ ​For handling all the payment distributions and split payments Stripe is being used which is more convenient and user friendly. Real time tracking is handled using native plugins for both iOs and Android. Automatic price calculation for immediate hauls (shipment items) is performed using the distance and time calculations with the help of Google API.

  • Handling payment distribution.
  • Integrating Right Payment Gateway to Achieve Multiple Split Payment.
  • Online tracking of jobs in progress.
  • Automatic price calculation.
  • ​For shippers:
  • Connect instantly with nearby drivers.
  • Post Immediate(Haul Now) and Planned (Haul Later) shipments.
  • Real time shipment tracking.
  • Instant status updates.
  • Call and message feature using Twilio.
  • Same day local delivery.
  • For carriers:
  • Find and apply to jobs that are nearby or in your route.
  • Instant notification when a shipment is available.
  • Request for counter price over a shipment.
  • Get Email notifications upon driver documents expiration.
  • For carrier companies:
  • Add their own drivers and vehicles.
  • Pair drivers and vehicles.
  • Instant notification when a shipment is available.
  • Apply on behalf of their drivers (Paired or Independent).
  • Tracking intransit shipments.
  • Get Email notifications upon Company,vehicle and driver documents expiration.
  • For Admin
  • Manage records of all user types.
  • Track intransit jobs.
  • Verify all required documents of drivers and company.
  • Approve or disapprove profiles.
  • Login access into driver and company portals.
  • Payment processing.
  • Base price settings .
  • In App
  • Objective C
  • Java Eclipse
  • xCode
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CodeIgniter
  • Google Map API
  • Stripe
  • In Web
  • Wordpress
  • Angular JS

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