Leaf Age

A native ios and Android application for fast and reliable rides. One of its kinds, LeafAge is an Electronic Vehicle (EV) ridesharing application that aims at providing reliable rides at any time (day or night). By using high end technology and incorporating quality features, LeafAge intends to carve a niche in the hire-taxi industry and dominate the same. The Uber-like platform has a similar business model and features, wherein the users can request a ride using the application and track the location of the car on the map. The customers also get alerted on their Smart phones when things go vary and receive trip summaries at the end of each journey.


  • Cross-platform integration was indeed a tough task to attain because the OS used by the driver and a rider can be different.
  • With only single application window comes many constrains like locating multiple fleets and managing them. With space-constrained smart phones, showing a single fleet was already a challenge, displaying more than one fleet was challenging.
  • Though one of the basic requirements of a ridesharing application, managing multiple ride requests in both rider and driver platforms was a painstaking task to achieve.

Features of the App

The detailed research by our team regarding the application in order to achieve the desired results culminated in including the following features in LeafAge for the drivers, riders as well as the admin.
Real time tracking of the driver and tracking the live location of the requested car.
The in-app call feature helps the rider to connect with the driver and to know their whereabouts.
Details of your past route including the driver details and trip details are recorded. This in turn helps the driver to track his/her past earnings with the trip history.
Cashless payments that help authenticate and formalize the transactions.
Rate the drivers based on the ride-experience.
One of the default features is real time tracking of the user so that the driver can track the location of service
The driver nearest to a rider gets the push notification so that he/she can accept the ride according to availability.
Stay up to date through messages about everything from upcoming events and earning opportunities to information about the account and new features.
Track his/her earnings on a daily and weekly basis.
Rate the riders based on ride-experience.
Records the travel history, Rider/Driver management and also monitors customer complaints and feedbacks.

Technology Stack


  • Programming Language Kotlin
  • Toolkit Android Studio
    Android Developers Tools
  • SDK Android SDK
  • Android Services Accessibility Service
    Notification Services


  • Programming Language Swift
  • Toolkit XCode
  • SDK iOS 12
  • ios Services Accessibility Service
    Notification Services

Admin Dashboard

  • Back end Node js
  • Database Mysql
  • Admin panel CodeIgniter




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