A native iOS, Android and Web application connecting doctors and patients. Statchat is an application that enables Health Care Professionals (HCP) to instantly and securely communicate critical healthcare information on iOS , Android mobile devices as well as desktop.

Client Requirement and

Our client required an application that would help bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the public so that people receive updated and detailed information related to healthcare on the tip of their figures. A simplified sign up option and an intuitive design without compromising on the security and confidentiality was the main factor that had to be ensured. Through the app, our client also wanted to help people build up a network of their own including highly qualified doctors and other people so that gathering information regarding healthcare becomes much easier.

Though it seems to be an easy task to create an application that would work as a platform for sharing data and information related to healthcare, creating an efficient and faultless app considering the importance and amount of data being fed in it was not easy. Maintaining confidentiality of the information shared by a person or a doctor was mandatory. In addition to this the app also had to be well equipped for multi-tasking and handling multiple users. However, in order to ensure security, multiple users had to be restricted from using the same account from different devices. Assigning health care professionals who would act as the intermediaries between the doctors and patients and mapping the patients accordingly at times of their unavailability.


We included the following features in the application, which automatically solved the developmental challenges
Incorporating end-to-end decryption of the information was of prime priority keeping in mind the content of the messages that are being exchanged between doctors and patients and among the family members of the patient. Every data that is saved, received and sent is encrypted, therefore enabling easy and secure messaging.
Biometric and two factor authentication(2FA) which comprises Username, password, fingerprint and face recognition, a feature that ensures high level of confidentiality and security.
Provision for creating different groups that may include people with regards to their relationship with the patient. They can share messages, photos and other important information among group members as well as to other groups also. Individual and group video call facility is also provided.
Document Sharing, which includes sharing media files, links and docs, without the hassle of email or file sharing apps.
One of the last but important features is message acknowledgement, which in terms of information from Health care professionals is necessary so that people get to see the messages on priority basis. Messages will be labelled and marked red.

Technology Stack


  • Programming Language Swift
  • Toolkit Xcode
  • SDK ios 12
  • Android Services Notification Services


  • Programming Language angular
  • Toolkit VS Code
  • Web Services Notification Services


  • Programming Language Kotlin
  • Toolkit Android Studio
    Android Developers Tools
  • SDK Android SDK
  • Android Services Notification Services


  • Back end Node js
  • Database Mysql
  • Admin panel AngularJs


StatChat was able to provide a platform that would enable patients and others to have direct access to HCPs and doctors, thereby also allowing the HCPs to provide the users with real time updates regarding healthcare.




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