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There wouldn’t be a single smartphone user in the world who doesn’t use at least one app in his/her mobile. If at all he/she is not interested in downloading multiple apps present in the App store or Play store, using the in-built apps are inevitable. The popularity and development of smartphones and mobile apps go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it is pretty clear when the statistics say that the app development industry has been one among the most booming industries of all times. Florida is no different. If you have a business in Florida and you have still not thought about developing an exclusive mobile app for the same then there are chances you might be left behind in the competition. You might have many apprehensions regarding the impact of your app and whether it will serve as a tool to generate revenue without altering the values of the enterprise.

Realise your app developing dreams with NewAgeSMB

We understand that the question is not only about business because apps have an emotional angle too for the client, the way we see it at NewAgeSMB. Even though a tool for generating revenue, we understand that apps become the face of a business and directly impacts the image that has been created through years of hard work and professionalism. We understand that our clients come to us with a belief that we will be able to decipher their dreams and make it into a reality, exactly the same way they want to see it. More than two decades of experience in mobile app development helps us in scrutinizing each step app development process with utmost precision while preparing the app to overcome the existing challenges as well as be equipped to incorporate frequent updates that will never make it an outdated one. Our team of professionals who have a thorough knowledge about the market, design the features of the app that are in par with the recent trends without compromising on quality and using the latest high-end technologies.

How we breathe life into your app development dreams

Customization is our USP and we do not impose our ideas and comfort zone on the clients. While working with different clients from scratch is a new experience, it not only gives them an assurance about our mode of operation but also keeps our executives on their toes to be constantly updated on the market trends and have prior knowledge of things that the clients ask us to deliver. Our working style comprises of

  • Brainstorming with the client right from the stage when the app is just a thought, working on the idea and developing it, understanding its feasibility in the market depending on various factors. We have a dedicated team of experts who are the best in the industry when it comes to analysing the current trends with regards to the products and services that the client sells.
  • The experts conduct thorough market research which provides all that is required to design the app and decide on the features that need to be incorporated in the app. This will in turn increase the functionality and usability experience of the app, persuading the customers to download and use it.
  • We decide on the platform to develop the and the approach depending on the impact of the app- target audience and also keeping in mind the requirements of the client.

Various apps that we have developed include

Fitness apps

Location-based apps
for businesses

service apps

Customized apps
for businesses

Online food
delivery apps


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