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Owning a business in NJ and planning to develop an app? App development has a lot more to it than just creating a marketing tool. Planning an execution needs to be precise with ample and more room to incorporate updates while ensuring security. With a phenomenal track record or more than two decades in mobile app development, NewAgeSMB is the best app developer in town that a client can approach without any inhibitions. Our expertise has taught us to be gentle on clients and after listening to their idea of a mobile app, give them our expert opinion which makes the entire development process easy. In this way we also establish a never ending relationship with our clients. Our client base which consists of successful and popular business enterprises in various sectors is the testimony.

Making app development easy is our forte

Developing an app par to the industry standards while giving priority to the client requirements I a complex task. However, we at NewAgeSMB break down the process into small parts, dealing with one at a time and our team ensures that each stage is given equal importance. Our skill and knowledge about app development takes care of how to implement the idea in the most effective way, thereby serving the purpose of the app, which is revenue generation. While these are the technical aspects, aesthetics is also given importance as we understand that it is the best way to attract customers to download the app. Remaining on top of the changing market trends, we constantly analyse the selling and purchasing pattern of a business and a customer simultaneously and this helps us to create features in the app that will ensure customer engagement and retention. When these nuances are taken care of we come with an app that matches the present day taste of the target audience. The extremely user-friendly interface ensures that the users have no trouble navigating through the app. In addition to all this, each app is created with the most modern and high-end technology available in the market at that point. Through proper planning and execution we at NewAgeSMB are not only dedicated to provide the best service to our clients but also ensure that the problems that the target audiences are facing in the absence of an app are also rectified. As our clients grow so does our popularity and brand value grows.

How do we function?

  • We first listen and completely understand the expectations and requirements of the client from the app that they want us to develop based on which we conduct market studies and research. It helps us to make each stage of app development precise and feature-focused.
  • UX/UI are given prime priority
  • While taking into concern the client requirements, market studies and target audience we reach a conclusion regarding the platform for deploying the app, analytics and other technical aspects irrespective of the size of the business.
  • User experience is the USP of the apps that we create. We design the interface and navigation routes after analysing the likes and dislikes of the customers that we collect from feedback and surveys.

The apps that we have developed include:

Fitness apps

Location-based apps
for businesses

service apps

Customized apps
for businesses

Online food
delivery apps


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