App to Build Digital Business Card


Digital cards are slowly gaining popularity and here comes the need for an app like this, which helps people to create digital business cards, store and manage their contacts and at the same time effectively distribute their card among the peer groups.

Key Features

  • Design Suit : Create beautiful, personalized electronic business cards using L-Card Pro’s state-of-the-art Card Design Suite.
  • Video sharing : New videos can be uploaded & shared as often as you like. Videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other online video streaming sites are also supported.
  • Data Integration : Export Cards directly to Salesforce, Google Contacts and Outlook. Generate CSV files for selected cards, groups or entire libraries and upload data into your favorite CRM.
  • Card Radar : Instantly exchange L-Cards with an unlimited number of contacts at meetings & other business events.
  • Maps : Locate addresses in Maps and get driving directions to your contacts’ business locations with a single touch.
  • Email Signature : Enables unlimited business card exchanges by adding your L-Card to your Email signature.
  • Quick Connect : Call, Text, or Email your contacts directly from a selected card using the Quick Connect Buttons.
  • Contact : Add your personal or company L-Card to Contact Pages on websites using the "smart" L-Card buttons.
  • Custom QR Code : Create custom QR code designs for your business cards. Print the code on promotional materials for attractive and innovative business card sharing.
  • Card Listing : Allows users to list cards on tablets for business event participants to scan and collect.
  • Analytics : You can monitor who has viewed and saved your card, as well as who has watched your video, exchanged your card—and so much more.
  • L-Card Enterprise : Allows organizations to provide employees with digital business cards for modern, professional and unlimited exchanges.

Technologies Used

  • Codeigniter
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