Sports Social Network App Connecting Sportsmen


This App helps to collaborate and encourage budding athletes by providing them with a platform to connect to all those like-minded people with experience in the field.

Key Features

  • QR Code : A technology to quickly connect athletes to share photos and trainings.
  • 3rd Party Integrations : To track training, activities and races into a single source by linking your Sportable account to other applications like Strava, Active, MindBody, Peloton and HealthKit.
  • Add Races to your Profile from over 35,000 Races found in the app.
  • Bucket List : Create bucket list to set, track and achieve personal goals.
  • Starting Line Search : To find like-minded athletes while waiting for Races or Activities to begin.
  • Medal Racks : Organize your accomplishments and brag about your successes.
  • Post pictures and videos or workouts, races or medals.
  • List your current gear and share performance feedback.
  • Encourage Buddies through their workouts or as they train for upcoming races.
  • Track your performance whether it's from last week, or last year.

Technologies Used

  • Node JS
  • Angular
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