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Top Rated App Development Companies in NYC

It is not easy to achieve a milestone in business. It is even more difficult to run a company that successfully creates products and services for clients which in turn makes them successful. It is a responsible task that requires great expertise to accomplish. We at NewAgeSMB are adept in developing mobile apps that are some of the most popular ones among the public. The impact of the apps that we create is huge, therefore, making us one of the best players in the mobile app development arena.

We are the Top-notch App Development People in Town

We let the quality and popularity of the mobile apps that we have developed speak for us. At NewAgeSMB we give priority to user experience and provide only what the customer wants in the most appealing and manageable manner. Therefore, functionality is our prime agenda throughout the developmental process. Professionalism, which can be considered as our trademark, along with the usage of high-end technologies makes us one of the top-notch mobile app developers in town. We owe this to the experience that we have received in the mobile development industry ever since the company started its operations in 1994 at Princeton, New Jersey. A unique way of operation, we do not have a default pattern which we try and impose on our clients. We work with each client right from ideating about an app until its deployment and create a clear picture of the client's requirement, the expectations of the target audience from an app, and finally its feasibility in the present market scenario. Ever since the inception of NewAgeSMB, we have been creating apps that are unique and functional, therefore, building a strong clientele. Genuine feedback by satisfied clients have, over the years, has qualified us for numerous recognitions, accolades, and awards, thereby helping us carve a niche in the industry and secure a position as one among the top companies that have proved their mettle in the app development industry.

Our App Development Process, Probably the Most Unique and Different

Our clients consist of both startups who consider a mobile app as one of the marketing tools that will bring them close to the customer and sell their products as well as experienced players who intend to expand their business by exploring the app arena. Our specialty lies in serving these clients according to their requirements. Our developmental process includes

  • Working with the clients on the idea, its feasibility, and the current trend in the market with regards to the products and services that the company sells.
  • Conduct thorough market research which provides us the entire data and information required, which helps us decide on the features that need to be incorporated in the app. We have a dedicated team that conducts market research and holds complete information regarding various factors that can come into action while developing the app.
  • Decide on the platform to develop the app depending on the target audience and the requirements of the client. This directly increases the impact of the app, attracting more users.
  • We make sure that the user experience, scalability are given priority throughout the developmental process.

Our App Development Services Include:

Fitness apps

Location-based apps
for businesses

service apps

Customized apps
for businesses

Online food
delivery apps


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